Friday, November 22, 2013

any idea?


Wow. i left my blog for a long time. didnt even had a chance to type anything despite of having toooooo much free time. haha. i bet i slept toooooo much during surgery posting compared to become zombie during obstetric and gynaecology posting. And certainly OnG was not my taste at all. haha.

So, let's start our topic today about present. Actually im looking for any suitable present for my IZ since i cant remember when was the last time i gave him something. haha. I want something that suit his personality as a sport man. And it is totally freaking out when you want to look something for a guy. Quite harder you know as compared to girl. 

If you have any interesting page and link that sell any good and memorable things, do let me know. Please. Something that suit sport man okay. thank you. have a nice weekend reader ( ade ke?? haha )


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