Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Poem : From a doctor's heart.

My Friend shared this at Facebook. 
I read it and it touched me.
In medical, ONCE in no out. Im not yet a doctor but insyaALLAH i will be. And these are all facts that im gonna facing too. 
We dont have to wait till become a doctor to feel all those feelings yet as a student we are!

Sometimes i do not understand what situation in book stated. Why is it so hard? Why it happened like that? Can i just ignore it?
No. I Cant. 
'Be responsible for every explanation u make'

Maybe im quite down now. Feel irritable and annoyed. And everything is not going well.
Dan saya harus belajar kendalikan masalah bermula dari sekarang. Bukan budak kecik lagi yang nak stress dan end up with crying. (Even sometimes i did)

Whatever it is, i have to keep study and focus. 
Work hard for my 3rd year and insyaALLAH it will be my final year here. 
Semoga redha ALLAH iringi semangat dan perjuangan ini.

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  1. Hello Izz!
    Be strong what happen come to you k? Medical student mmg taf punya course (yeah, i know u realized that) selain dari Engineering.

    Kamu pasti bisa kok hadapi semua! Malaysia boleh! =D


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