Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ucapan cinta 21tahun east. ;)

It is a story about girl yang sudah 2 decades and 1 year. :)

Alhamdulillah ALLAH masih memberikan peluang untuk terus mengecapi nikmat bernafas di atas muka bumi ini pada ketika usiaku genap menginjak 21tahun pada 26FEB2012

21 tahun. hurmmm. Ini adalah tahun ke 9 aku menyambut hari lahir jauhhhhhhh dari keluarga dan tahun ke 2 aku celeb celeb dekat bandung. How time flies kan? Rasa macam baru je taip taip entry pasal umur 20 sekali gedebak gedebukkk already 21.

Alhamdulillah i received a lot of kindness and warmest wishes from friends dekat Facebook and Twitter. And it took me about several hours to reply each one of them! A lil bit feeling like retissssss u oll! haha. Actually some people do ask ' is it necessary for us to reply all those kinds of birthday wishes? In addition, they wished us because FB DO remind them. If Facebook does not exist, your notification wont be 'bloating' on your birthday. haha. And this is answer from me :

' For me, to wish someone is not easy cause im not kind of person that really into to wish someone's birthday unless they are close to me OR miracle happened and i got some courage to wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :D. =.= So, when they spent 5secs of their time to wish me, it is my pleasure to reply it back. :) '

Therefore, i would like to extend my warmest pleasure and  big thanks for those who wish either dekat twitter, FB, phone, skype and jerit jerit bila jumpa me cakap 'etonnnnnn...happy birthdayyy...:D ' ommomomomo...it touched me you know. T.T  big girl dont cry. aha. 


who are the first person that stay along waiting for clock to reach 12am and then make me smile the whole night before sleep? ;)

Abah wish first waktu indonesia yeaaaahhhhhh!! hehehe.  ( even yeahhh mak cakap i lahir pukul 1 pagi lebih. So wish tu kiranya masa abah wish, mak tengah having contraction or ready nak bear down. This is kind of reality that medical student always talk about their study even when they are mumbling. =.= )

The next day i called mak and gedik2 manja pulak dengan mak padahal dah 21 kan~~ Then laju2 pulak call yaya teah. Along wish dekat stadium and my birthday present from capika is she was announced as Best Player for Hockey SBP Zon Tengah petang tu. She's doing great job and i bet she will be hot stuff dekat SSP. hahahaha. Izzuddin Adha im waiting for your wish! grrrrrrrrrrr.

Eh,macam tak jawab je lagi soalan dekat atas tu?? hehehehe

For my lovely sayang, terima kasih. U completed me with your love di usia 21. Biarlah 'anda' tidak pernah tahu kewujudan tulisan ini untuk 'anda' tetapi percayalah 'anda' melengkapkan kekurangan yang ku ada dan sentiasa ada bila ku memerlukan. Ok cukup sebab prinsip saya dari dulu sampai sekarang cinta bukanlah untuk tontonan umum. haha. my lovely phrase now is 'age is only a number' ;)

Semoga semua ucapan, doa anda untuk saya dimakbulkan ALLAH. Semoga saya menjadi insan yang cemerlang di dunia dan di akhirat. Semoga saya menjadi anak yang sentiasa berbakti buat kedua ibubapa. Semoga saya menjadi pelajar yang lebih baik. Semoga saya menjadi bakal doktor yang boleh menyumbang sesuatu untuk masyarakat. Semoga saya menjadi seorang kakak dan adik yang baik untuk my 4Izzatuls and 1Izzuddin. Semoga saya......semoga saya....semoga saya ape ekkkk..hahahaha..

And last but not least...............

I am 21 !! :D

Sunday, February 26, 2012

there should be no tears during your 21st birthday.


I am who i am. I made my life. In whatever i did, i never thought of having any kind of appreciation. If there are, alhamdulillah. If there are not, im fine. Because i just did something because i love it. I dont want to be compare by anyone. I just wanna be myself. And i want people to accept me as who i am.

I started hate myself because im always trying to please everybody. But how about myself? Does anyone care about my feelings? 

There should be no tears during your birthday Nur Izzatul Hidayah..................

Happy 21st birthday to me.............................

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


and im surprised. stuttered. when i opened my inbox.

when i played it, i smiled and i shouted your name several times.

i heard the lyrics and i smiled again. How distance separated us but love always makes us together. If I have the courage i would yell to the world that im glad to have you in my life. In fact, im really glad. :')

For the love that live my life
For the love that makes me smile
For the love that wipe away my tears
For the love that accompanied me every seconds

And it is all about your love.

Im here without you baby
But you are still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby
And i dream about you all the time............

You are the sweetest part of mine. :)